Sophie Maree presents Yang YongLiang

Sophie Maree is delighted to present the amazing work of Yang Yong Liang

Yongliang works and lives in Shanghai, China who works mainly with his  camera and a computer to make his art. Using  these modern tools—and his knowledge of traditional Chinese painting traditions. Yongliang invents urban scenes that depict skyscrapers under construction, freeway systems, electrical power plants, and bustling urban corridors. His compositions starkly reveal the impacts of technological progress that China has undergone over past decades.

Yongliang is among a generation of young artists who came of age after the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and therefore embraces a level of artistic freedom that is not common among past generations of Chinese artists.

Yang Yongliang combines ancient Chinese art techniques, such as shui mo painting and calligraphy, from his early age, his teacher was Yang Yang, with photographic elements of modern urban Shanghai, arranged in the traditional composition of Chinese landscape, to produce artworks with a perfect balance.  He perfectly handles the contradictions between ephemeral and solid, vigor and gentle, sparse and bold, beauty and ugly so as to make the entire picture poetically harmonious, but the details are ‘blots on the landscape’. He successfully achieves a perfect balance between fragility and danger, beauty and cruelty.