Seb Janiak

Born in 1966, lives and works in Paris, France

In a photographic career spanning 25 years, Seb Janiak has explored a remarkably diverse range of areas. A survey of his work would form a virtually complete picture of all the options offered by the photographic medium, such is its scope. In keeping with the lively tradition at the heart of photography, technological innovations open up the possibility of new types of image.

Janiak has successfully preserved a sense of cohesion while covering the full range of possibilities offered by photography. This cohesion is all the more remarkable considering the major break with the past in photography over the last thirty years represented by the advent of digital technology. Rejecting the straitjacket of specific schools or eras, but exploiting instead the complex nature of the world around him, Seb Janiak uses – and reveals in his photographs – the vibrant power of opposites.

In what can be viewed as a yearning for simplicity or even a form of asceticism, Seb Janiak continues to translate his thoughts on man’s fate, the world and its mysterious forces, time and light into images. He devotes equal attention to analyzing all of these evolving phenomena which are a permanent feature of his work, echoing their ceaseless patterns of renewal in his own creative approach.

“Mimesis” (Mimesis is a Greek word meaning imitation)

Mimesis is an adaptive imitation strategy.
There is a major difference between mimesis and camouflage in terms of evolution: camouflage capability, involving colour in particular, can appear and develop very quickly in a species through the interplay of mutations and selection, but mimesis by contrast is a complex co-evolutionary mechanism involving three species: the model, the imitator and the dupe.

People who prefer matter and believe in a materialistic point of view will see beauty of the Mimesis flowers, others who believe matter is just an illusion will feel it differently. If you don’t believe in soul, or God or if you believe it all started from matter , you will see beautifull flower and a nice art piece. If you are spiritual and believe the invisible world is bigger than our visible world, mean if you believe there is something behind the matter’s veils, you will interpret the photo differently. I strongly believe matter came from spirit-conscience and not the opposite as most of the scientist want to believe.

Using art to reveal what is behind the veil of the matter is fascinating and full of discoveries.