Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze born in 1987, Paris-France, currently lives and works in Hongkong.

The Blue Moment

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer born in France in 1987. He grew up in Paris suburbs until he moved abroad in 2008. Originally dedicated to visual art, his interest in photography started to prevail after his arrival in Hong Kong.

Living in the heart of Kowloon since 2009, he directly felt bond to this place unique for its density and vibrancy. His first attempt of recording his new home took the form of the project Vertical Horizon released in 2012 as a photo book. It has been featured in major publications in UK, France, Spain, USA, China and Hong Kong. The photo book has been then reprinted as a second edition in 2014 with 22 photos added to the series.

The Blue Moment is a photographic journey in the city of Hong Kong. 

Each day at the very last moment of dusk, the sky takes on a deep blue tinge which is then reflected onto everything that exists below. 

During this very brief moment that only last a minute or two a blue veil envelops Hong Kong and releases a mystical atmosphere. With the coming of the night, the city’s lights bring the touches of warm color illuminating the cityscape.

Romain is currently working on his newer photography projects focused on Hong Kong and the several aspects of its unmatched urban development.

Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon is a reminder of the angle of the photos as well as a description of the vertical growth that human try to build for developing themselves in the city of Hong Kong where space is limited. Although there was already a lot of land that has been reclaimed on the sea, the city had to find another way in order to accommodate its population. Vertical Horizon reminds us how we are nothing more than a bee in the big beehive, chipping in our bit into the greater realm of society.

Vertical Horizon is the expression of the vertical expansion of human’s urban environment when facing the physical limitation of a territory and land. It is a way of optimizing space, by reclaiming the sky instead of expanding mainly horizontally like it is the case in most of the cities in the world.