Pleunie Buyink

Born in 1988, lives and works in Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Pleunie Buyink studied Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven (man & Identity) and before that Fashion Design at Artemis Rotterdam. Her passion for interior design, fashion and materials is always on the surface in her work.

Limber gems are chic in every interior, they combine different layers and materials. Buyink made rubber a core ingredient of the material she developed for these luminous pieces.

Pleunie personally manages the whole process, from the designs to the actual production, that gives her the opportunity to make the objects in almost every shape, size and colour.

Once the light touches the limber gems the interplay between the rugged crinkly background, the ruff edges and the warm colors really starts. Limber gems are behaving as chameleons playing with incoming light, reflection and color in every interior. They are glistened against a raw backdrop of rough concrete and stone.

With Limber Gem, Pleunie creates artworks that also function as elegant interior jewelry. The works are behaving as chameleons playing with incoming light, reflection and colour in every interior.