Peter Lippmann

Works and lives in Paris (born in NYC 1956).

Well known in the advertising world, he is represented in France, Italy and in the USA. He specializes in still life photography, but works also as portrait and landscape photographer.

He works worldwide with luxury brands, such as; Cartier, Christian Louboutin, Audemars Piquet and so on. Published his work in Vogue, NewYorkTimes magazine and le Figaro.

Noble Rot

Peter Lippmann’s work gives beauty to one of our greatest and most purposefully unacknowledged fears….decay.  We toss it away, bury it, conceal it, turn our backs on it and render it as other…render it useless.

Peter Lippmann’s work reveals this noble state and reminds us of a very important fact. To us these are not just images of rotting fruit, but a thoughtful, graceful and intimate symbolic display of the human condition.

Women of History

The painting’s timeless women are mean to “embody the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman” and “each portrait acts as a setting for key creations from the upcoming collection twinned with the artist who’s individual technique and subject defines their distinct character.”

From Georges de la Tour’s “Magdalene and the Flame” to Jean-Marc Nattier portraits, the images pay homage to art masterpieces with a contemporary twist.

Peter Lippmann’s creates fine art masterpieces by incorporating the signature red soled designs.

Paradise Parking

For his series, “Paradise Parking,” photographer Peter Lippmann traveled to the estate of a reclusive family who have been passing down classic cars, father to son, since 1900. Peter has been traveling the countryside, seeking out vintage abandoned automobiles and creating some haunting, yet stunningly beautiful images.

In each photograph the cars, forgotten and parked for years, are overtaken by the surrounding foliage: trees poke through fenders, leaves emerge from old chrome grills and vines make a home out of the machines interior.