Lisa Carletta

Lisa Carletta born in 1982, lives and works in Brussels & Londen

When I was young, I had fun making little movies with my sisters and my cousins , I’ve always loved telling stories and getting everyone involved. When I was 13 years, I had the chance to do a year of photography courses in college. I quickly realized what fascinated me was the people. 

After my studies in advertising, I finally continued what I loved the most, photographing people and telling stories in the staging. I have always worked in a very intuitive way. I try to accurately reproduce the images I have in mind, it’s not always easy, because I often have to adapt to existing locations.

The decor and accessories are very important for me, it helps to situate my character, reveal his personality and tell a part of his history.

Le ça, le moi, le surmoi

This series is about the particular moments where we decide to reunite with ourself, to meditate , to be in our own bubble. Those moments that make us unreachable and the outside world vanishes.

The characters are isolated in a pristine white world. A world they decided to dismiss for a brief moment in order to recompose, reflect and feel well within, without having to deal with the surrounding world.


I love you mummy

It’s the story of a family, particularly of a mother and her daughter. A relationship which could be normal… except when this little girl is found to fill the desires of her mother, trying desperately to get her attention. In vain.

This mother seems lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t seem to pay attention to her daughter. Roles are clearly reversed, the little girl wastes her time taking care of her mother. Nevertheless she loves her and tries to look like her, always in the same purpose, to be loved.


Mini Me

In this series I tried to lay myself bare. I have shown my fears, my habits, all these little obsessions that define me. I’m very anxious, as many people working in the same field as mine, and many of these anxieties back to my childhood.

It is from this that I found interesting and evident to represent me as the child who are still in me. I mainly focused on this series anguish of loneliness, the fear of being alone, which is omnipresent in my work in general.

I decided to work duplicating my model to add a temporal dimension by creating multiple ellipses in the same photo, a method commonly used in film, my main source of inspiration. This way of “telling” my story helped me to materialize this feeling of fear settling insidiously.