Isabelle Menin

Born in 1961, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Menin: ‘My driving force is not in the critical distance. I’m interested in expressing basic human emotions even if there is a fight between what i want to do/say and what the “image” wants to do/say. It’s all about life, love, death and our personal progression.

An inner conversation with the world of emotions and impressions by walking the way of life. They all turn around a central questioning and are all intimately linked to living moments; they are parting of the ways of different perceptions and are the expression of the possible answers abundance.

I’m totally fascinated by the “primitifs flamands”, by the time when they tried to bring more “reality” into the painting. It’s probably related to the “lost innocence” i was talking about.  

I create a space that unfolds through the depth I get by accumulating layers, by light, by transparency and opacity; I put elements together that create a kind of fake landscape, I photograph and then manipulate them in order to twist them and show the sometimes hidden sides. But in the end, it remains an image, thus two dimensional.

Etudes pour un apres midi

Petit Natures

Sinking not Sinking

There's a river in my head