André Lichtenberg

André Lichtenberg born in 1964, Brazil, currently lives and works in UK.


Lichtenberg’s personal works have been the recipient of numerous international Prizes & Awards, as well as, exhibited in prestigious art spaces, including: Museum da Republica (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), Centro Cultural Sao Paulo (Brazil), and The Photographers Gallery & Barbican Centre (London). Lichtenberg’s works have become popular among art collectors in the last few years and are now part of several international private collections – including the personal collection of a Trustee of the Board of Museum of Contemporary Modern Art in Miami.

Lichtenberg is known for exploring the voids that exist on the very margins of his subjects – often shot in remote locations – composing what he finds, with anatomical precision, into characteristically high definition, deep perspective pictures, epic in scale, and cinematic in their narrative complexity and heightened reality. VERTIGO is Lichtenberg’s personal take on Britain’s iconic capital city.

Are we looking at an enlarged microscopic image of a computer chip, or a section of circuit board? Only when a recognizable form, such as a vehicle or a road marking, is identified does the illusion of a microcosmic world fall away in an instant into the macrocosmic reality, the visceral impact of height and drop giving the name to the series.