Pleunie Buyink at Noord Brabants museum

From the 4th of March to the 21st of May Pleunie Buyink (1988) will be exhibiting her Limber Gems at Noord Brabants Museum.


Pleunie Buyink is an upcoming Dutch designer and artist who invented very specific objects; she calls them Limber Gems or jewellery for the interior. Being trained as a fashion designer and as a designer (man & identity), her interest lies with combining aspects of fashion and interior design with the search for material that radiate a certain tactility (physicality).

Limber Gems exist in different forms and sizes, and seem to have their own (bodily) needs and possibilities – some are wall-mounted, others lie on the ground while further ones have their own holders. Through long experimentation, Buyink developed a specific material containing rubber that looks hard while being soft and flexible. The multiple layers of wrinkled paper contained in the casting are catching incoming light, reflecting the sun and also the colors of the surrounding. Depending on the time of the day, the Limber Gems change and create other surfaces – just like a chameleon.