Mark Mawson Aqueous on Buckingham Palace

Mark Mawsons amazing Aqueous series was projected on Buckingham Palace this summer during a concert of Paul McCartney’s “Magical Mystery Tour’

‘Aqueous Fluoreau’ series captures breathtaking cloud formations that resemble catastrophic explosions to unusual aquatic life.

The vibrant photographs, which were created using only paint and water, have been compared to falling down a rabbit hole and finding yourself in some other worldly place.

“Aqueous Floureau is a series of creative images that inspire emotional reactions in everyone,” Mawson told The Huffington Post. “I love the way each person sees something different in each shot, a bit like seeing pictures in the clouds in the sky.”This  series continues a process Mawson began in his first, ‘Aqueous,’ which took him six years to complete.

Mawson’s creation was first inspired by the simple act of watching milk being poured into the numerous cups of coffee he drinks daily.