Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies – solo exhibition

Opening on the 10th of Jan. at 15.00
Exhibition 10.01.15—28.02.15

Starry starry night revisited by Ellie Davies

10 January till 28 February 2015

Opening 10 January 2015, at 15.00


‘Do you see the coming autumn in the silent falling leaves? Or is it a view of the great unknown, the countless stars of our galaxy reflecting in our earthly, ancient forest…’

Sophie Maree Gallery is proud to present our exhibition with new works by photographer Ellie Davies (1976). 

In her most recent series Stars (2014), Davies aims to create a deeper understanding of human relations with nature in a modern and technologized world. 

In this series, images of forest landscapes are combined with images of the intangible and enigmatic universe, using scientific images captured by the Hubble telescope, such as the Milky Way and the Norma Galaxy.