A collaborative photographers and directors unit. German photographer, ZOREN and Japanese graphic artist, MINORI met in LA and started their collaboration together in 2000. Their shared curiosity of mixing each of their different skills took them on a journey of discovering original means of photographic image making. Their approach to photography is not only about capturing the moment of physical reality, but also to unveil the freedom of individual/alternative reality. Their fascination lead them to experiment with different mediums as well as keeping the spontaneity to unlocking their fantasy.

The duo has been based in LA, NY and Tokyo. They work in art, fashion and commerce.

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Object that dreams and Eryka


These images are the part of our erotic series shot from 2002-2007 while we lived in Tokyo. They are documentation of our personal life and visual exploration in eroticism. Our intensions were to embrace sexuality as an essential part of the human nature without restricting our minds.

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