‘The ardent beauty of decay’

(de vurige schoonheid van het verval)


 Peter Lippmann & Daan Oude Elferink

12 – 12 – 2015 t/m 07 – 02 – 2016

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the marina of
The Hague

Hellingweg 96d | 2583 WH
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Pleunie Buyink

Limber Gems

Isabelle Menin


Remi Rebillard

some place better you have ever been

Justine Tjallinks


New work by
Christian Tagliavini

– Voyages Extraordinaires

In emotional sceneries and touching portraits, Christian Tagliavini connects his characteristic visual language with the Jules-Vernesque science fiction


We make
the past

Sophie Maree is an idiosyncratic gallery that maintains the highest quality standards, and offers a fresh and new perspective on photography and design.


The leitmotiv of our collection is modern photography inspired by the “old masters”. Our collection is available for the private market as well as for the commercial market.