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Lars van den Brink

Frozen Time

Carol Erb

New work by
Isabelle Menin

People often refer to past centuries paintings when seeing Isabelle her work. Flemish Primitives, Rubens, Watteau, Fragonard, whatever. Though she’s much more fascinated by “ancient art” than by contemporary. She doesn’t want to transform past in something contemporary, she’s not playing with the tension between ancient and new, between past and modernity, more not playing with modernity at all: She just want to put things together to rebuilt, to discover in what way she see the world and I happen to do it with a computer rather than with brushes. That’s all.


We make
the past

Sophie Maree is an idiosyncratic gallery that maintains the highest quality standards, and offers a fresh and new perspective on photography and design.


The leitmotiv of our collection is modern photography inspired by the “old masters”. Our collection is available for the private market as well as for the commercial market.